Personal Training

How Personal Training is Different?

My own lived experience with my disability has had a profound effect on the way I approach life and the way I coach those living with a disability. The methods I use within my own training and when training our clients, allows me to find solutions and adjustments where necessary.


These solutions provide an environment and opportunity to allow all of our clients at Foresight Fitness to break down barriers to get the very best from themselves.

Personal Training

Personal training with Foresight will allow you to hone in your training goals to get the very best results. This one on one time with a coach will provide the individualised accountability, motivation and guidance you need to make your next session and program more than just a number.

Foresight will not only give you advice around getting the most out of your time in the gym but also how to best recover and optimise your training and lifestyle outside the gym as well.

Group Training

Group training at Foresight means training alongside like minded individuals to share in a training environment that is all about achieving your goals. Our group training programs will cover strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility to ensure you are fit for anything life throws at you.

Our training sessions are capped at 10 members so you can rest assured that you will still get the very best coaching and advice every time you enter the gym.

Onboarding program

At Foresight we believe that training in a small group environment is a big part of why people make long term health and fitness changes. Our introductory program will help you overcome any concerns you may have about being your strongest self within our group setting.

If you are new to training our introductory program will teach you the movements and mindset you will need to feel confident and comfortable in a small group setting. Choose these 4 one on one sessions to give you the best start to your training with us at Foresight.

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